About Us

Aims of the Network

Primary Goals:

  • Increase the amount of high quality clinical research in Mental Health in Scotland.
  • Increase the number of people participating in Mental Health research studies in Scotland.

Broadening the Scope:

  • Moving beyond clinical trials to support pilot studies at various stages of development.
  • Studies portfolio to include epidemiological, genetic and imaging studies.
  • A broad view of health service research.

Network Structure:

The network is managed by a co-ordinating centre in Edinburgh with a Scottish wide Management Group with Regional Leads in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen. SMHRN also has Associate Directors in Statistics, Database and Genetics as well as regional based Research Assistants and Research Nurses
The network is funded by the Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government Health Directorates. The SMHRN works in close collaboration with the UKMHRN and MHRN Cymru and the other Scottish Topic Specific Research Networks. Download our leaflet for further information on the SMHRN.