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Review of the SMHRN Annual Scientific Meeting 2015: 'Youth Mental Health'

Date: 29th October 2015
Venue: Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

The Scottish Mental Health Research Network hosted its 7th Annual Scientific Meeting at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh on the 29th October 2015. The theme of the meeting was 'Youth Mental Health'.

The ASM was attended by over 180 delegates from accross Scotland; including researchers, clinicians service users and a variety of people working in the youth mental health field. The day was chaired by the SMHRN Director, Prof Stephen Lawrie along with some members of the SMHRN management group including Prof Andrew Gumley, Dr Jonathan Cavanagh, Prof Keith Matthews and Prof Steff Lewis. Speakers included Dr Mina Fazel (Oxford), Dr Stella Chan (Edinburgh), Prof Helen Minnis (Glasgow), Prof Andrew Jahoda (Glasgow), Prof Susanne Harder (Copenhagen), Dr Peter Uhlhaas (Glasgow), Prof David Coghill (Dundee) and Laura Caven (Edinburgh).

We received approx 29 poster submissions. Dr Alison McColl (Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Glasgow) won the best poster prize for her presentation entitled "Skin inflammation induces a transcriptional brain response, lymphocyte infiltration and functional changes". The student prize was awarded to Eilidh Smith (PhD Student, University of Edinburgh) for "Cognitive Biases and facets of low mood in adolescents". Congratulations to them both!

A selection of speakers presentations are available on request. Please email the network administrator to request these.

Feedback from delegates

"I feel more up to date on recent research developments relevant to child and adolescent mental health"

"A better understanding of mental health services in the education system"

"Learned more about research methodologies"

"Gained new perspective on how mental health issues can originate at a young age, and how prevention strategies can be implemented"

"Useful event for networking and hearing about current research in mental health services in schools"

"I really valued the range of speakers but also in the afternoon session, the opportunity for discussion with delegates and the presenter was appreciated"

"Hearing the great work already happening in this field was super"


SMaRT Oncology-2 & SMaRT Oncology-3 Trials published in The Lancet

We are pleased to report that the SMaRT Oncology-2 & SMaRT Oncology-3 trials have been published in a series of linked papers in The Lancet.

The papers report on the prevalence of major depression in patients with cancer, and on two trials of an integrated depression treatment. The papers can be found by following the link below.

The Lancet - Depression and Cancer

The Scottish Mental Health Research Network team supported these trials with their recruitment and follow-up, and would like to congratulate the Psychological Medicine Research group led by Professor Michael Sharpe.

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